Photos by Katie Floyd

Photos by Katie Floyd

Rental Fees


Social Hall Rental

Rental of the Social Hall includes use of tables, chairs, and patio furniture. The kitchen can be included in the rental as well (if an outside licensed caterer is used an additional 15% surcharge will be applied and the club manager must purchase all liquor/beverages).

Standard Rental Fee $150.00


Staff Fees

At least one staff member must be on premises during the event. Event length is a minimum of five hours. Hosts will be charged $15.00 per hour for any event over five hours.

 1 to 50 guests with 1 food server $75.00

51 to 100 guests with 2 food servers $150.00

101 to 150 guests with 3 food servers $225.00


Bartender Fees

All liquor and beverages for the event must be purchased by the club manager. No outside alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages are allowed. 

1 to 50 guests $75.00

51 to 100 guests $150.00

101 to 150 guests $225.00

Additional Information


Cleaning/Damage Deposits

The cleaning/damage deposit is required and refundable if the hall, kitchen and grounds are left clean. A separate check made out to the Mt. Whitney Golf Club will be held until the event is over and the manager approves the inspection of the hall. There will be an extra charge for any damage to the all or outside grounds.

Social Hall Deposit $100.00

Kitchen Deposit $100.00


The Social Hall agreement along with a deposit fee of the hall rental and staff charges must be received 30 days prior to the event.


For more details and regulations or to request an application, please visit the clubhouse.